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Firefox Add-ons
All sorts of extra applets can be used within the Firefox browser. To find and install these, open Firefox, go to the "Tools menu and choose "Add ons". Here are some "add ons" that are useful to researchers:

Firefox Add-ons
Adblock Plus
Stops many of the ads that pop up and around the pages you are viewing.
Reverse image search
with Google Images. Right click on an image and see if it appears anywhere else on the web. See also Tineye.
Displays a national flag with the current server's, next to its url. Allows you to identify and visually trace a server.
Resurrect Pages
Bring back deleted or changed pages from the Wayback Machine, Google Cache and other sources.
Right click on an image and if it has a numerically guessable address, Firefusk can scan the server for related images.
Image zoom
Right click on an image to zoom into it
No Script
A vital resource! Stops malicious code. Allows you to pre-approve any automated features on a webpage.
Saves entire webpages as images. See also the amazing Pixlr Grabber which gives extended editing.
Easy Youtube

adds a box to every youtube page allowing you to download the videos to your computer.
Right to Click
Lovely add-on that overrides the "no right click" javascript annoyance.
Domaintools Whois
Add an extra whois button to your Firefox.
Facebook Translate
Translate foreign language comments posted to Facebook.
Exif Viewer
Reveal hidden details in images on the web.


Portable Firefox for Researchers (Windows)

Look up a country code

Scan a server for images

Bookmarklets / Favelets

Special automated functions can be stored as favourites and displayed as clickable buttons on your browser's toolbar. This page contains research-related bookmarklets (or "favelets") that provide useful functions related to pages you are visiting. Thanks to Jesse Rudman, Codehouse, Squarefree and any other creator.

Installation instructions for Internet Explorer users can be found here

Archived Cached Date Check Alexa
Look up a site's "traffic" and other details.
Up a Directory increment decrement Google translate
Zoom Images Off Zap Plugins Right Clicker
Disable CSS Zap colours  
Investigative (for Internet Explorer 6 and under)
Validate Email Yahoo Profile USENET Profile Anonymouse
WHOIS  (find site owners through domain name registration details)
whois irc
quick & simple
whois cool
website's whois, IP address & server details
whois dt advanced features
whois past
previous registration records (subscription only)
Reverse IP (find other domains on a server, but always check and corroborate)
on server ddb
then click on the "number of domains" link.
on server wh
then click on the "number of domains" link.
on server dt
subscription only service from
on ip block
"Net block owner" finds domains on entire IP block