Tip sheet
Investigating people on Facebook
by Paul Myers
type description effect
individual words each word must be on pages, or in links pointing to pages that show up in the results gordon brown
will ask Google for pages that have the words "brown" & "gordon" on them somewhere.
words in quotes words in quotes appear next to each other as a phrase in the result pages "gordon brown"
will ask Google for pages where the exact phrase "Gordon Brown" appears.
between words
second word appears 1, 2 or 3 words after the first word margaret * thatcher will bring up pages with "Margaret Hilda Thatcher", "Margaret and husband Denis Thatcher"
between words
Like the above, but allows you to set the proximity between keywords obama AROUND(2) cameron will bring up pages where the word cameron is within two words of obama
tilde (~) 
before word
finds pages with related words ~teacher will find pages with teacher, teach, taught, education etc.
minus (-) 
before word
makes sure pages containing that word are omitted from results hermits -herman's  will eliminate the pop group from a search for isolated loners.
between words
ensures either or both words appear on pages in search results tourism expenditure OR revenuewill help get stories about money spent by tourists. 
tourism expenditure OR revenue scotland OR scottish OR Glasgow OR edinburgh will gives several options aimed at capturing Scottish tourism, in one search
before address or full/partial domain name
makes sure results come from specified address or domain tourism site:scotland.gov 
will restrict a search for tourism to the scotish executive website

tourism site:ac.uk 
will restrict the search to British universities

scotland holiday site:profiles.myspace.com OR site:bebo.com OR site:facebook.com OR site:xanga.com
will restrict the search to social networking sites

before a data file extension
ensures a certain kind of document appears in a search tourism site:scotland.gov filetype:xls
will find spreadsheets mentioning tourism from the Scottish Executive.

Other file types include pdf, ppt and doc

inurl: places a word in the web addresses of pages suggested by Google "time travel" inurl:faq
might get you quick easy answers on a tricky subject

"david bowie" inurl:gallery
may get you pages with images of Bowie

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