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Companies House
Incl. the Disqualified Director list. The paid service has more detail. see also Duedil
International Companies - Investigative Dashboard. See also Intl Business Registers, Companies House's lists. Forums like Silicon Investor and Raging Bull  
Free UK director information
Even without the business info, it's still a great people research tool
FSA Database.
search for Financial services companies
UK Data
Subscribe and get company reports, CCJ details and international company information
Gives a wealth of contact information and financial information on British companies. A useful, new investigative tool.
Say No to 0870!!!
Search and reverse search UK companies that cold call or have 0780 contact numbers.
Infobel brings you a database of online telephone directories. Contacthelp gets you contact numbers of large corporations.
Data Controllers Register
Find details of a company, its administrators and business practices.
Dun and Bradstreet
Provide excellent international company information. So do specialist services like Edgar Online, Arachnys & TLO
Wiki Scanner
Check the edits that an organisation has made to Wikipedia entries.
Find trade mark and inventors details. See also, the UK Intellectual property office
Amazing paid site that searches a huge array of sources in difficult to research countries.

Background Check
for personal details, addresses & criminal records of US citizens.
P.I. Toolbox (Australia)
A great set of links for anyone investigating Australian companies
The Information Commissioner
ICO's website lists people who have registered to keep information

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