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The Research Clinic features internet research links, training and apps. It accompanies the training courses delivered by renowned Internet research specialist Paul Myers.



Paul Myers is now available to train your team or assist in your research.

A world renowned expert in the field of open source research, Paul's work in broadcast industry has involved him in many important investigations.

Paul is also a vastly experienced trainer, and has  been sharing his unique online research techniques, since 1999.

He offers consultancy, coaching and training room-based courses.

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  Search social media
Sites that help you search Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Apps & Add-ons
Browser customisation, apps and software that helps your research.

Dark sites and tools
Controversial specialist resources

Finding people
Databases and search engines that help you find people.

Domain lookup and IP tools
WHOIS tools. Find domain registration details. Locate and identify IP addresses.

Images & investigation
Image search engines, reverse image searching, EXIF and geolocation.

Time travel
Find webpages and images from the past.

Satellite and maps
Find and browse different satellite imagery, maps and street views.

Investigative & undercover
Specialist tools that can be used to investigate people and sites. Protect your privacy.

Search engines
Search engines, web directories and sites related to online searching.

Databases that help you investigate UK & international companies.

Websites related to UK government.





Apps and Add-ons pt. 1
A look at some of the specialist software and browser add-ons that can help your investigation.

Locating with Twitter
Paul's BBC Blog on finding people at the scene of a breaking story.

Searching for people online
Paul's latest video for the BBC deals with techniques for finding people on social networks and the wider web.

Investigating companies and organisations
A video advising journalists how to trace an organisation's online footprint and use tools to find website ownership.

Searching social media
A BBC blog post in social media and the best ways to find people

Online verification
A PowerPoint dealing with verification of sources in the online world.

Almost like Watergate
Paul's report from the Global Investigative Journalism Conference, Rio, 2013

Google's search syntax
Symbols and operators that add extra functionality to the world's most popular search engine.

Tracing website owners
When you find an online source, how can you identify its ownership?

The Future Just Happened
2001 article from the BBC News site, on privacy and data trails.


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